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Metal Roofing Is An Option in Barnstable County

Barnstable MA metal roofing

Delivering both beauty and longevity, metal roofing is one of the best investments you can make to your home. Best known for its durability, metal roofs are the most sensible way to protect your home, especially if you live in areas that experience severe storms, rapid temperatures or heavy snowfall.

With all the different roofing options available, choosing what you want and need can sometimes be difficult. This is where the experts at Paul J. Cazeault & Sons can help. We provide roofing solutions with only the best and highest level of protection. Contact us today for your free professional consultation!

Energy Saver
A metal roof uses a reflective solar coating designed to minimize heat buildup and reduce air conditioning cost. Being one of the most energy efficient roofing systems available, homeowners can expect to save up to 40% in energy costs during summer as well as substantial insulation during the winter season.

Extreme Durability
A metal roof when properly installed is resilient to the most extreme weather conditions, while also safeguarding against cracks, rot, and rust. Protecting your home against high winds, hail, severe snow and even fire, metal roofs can handle just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it with minimal maintenance.

Highly Eco-Friendly
A metal roof is considered the most environmentally friendly and sustainable roofing systems available on the market today. Containing mostly recycled materials and 100% recyclable at the end of its lifetime, metal roofs can often be installed over existing roofs which can eliminate its impact of disposal on the environment.

Lasting Investment
A metal roof is known to last upwards of 30 to 50 years. Though the initial cost of a high quality metal roof tends to be higher than your common asphalt roofing system, it’s an investment that pays it’s returns over a lifetime due to its logentivity and low maintenance.

Stylish Designs
A metal roof not only maintains its looks longer than other roofing systems, it also makes bold architectural statements that complement any home. With a variety of construction types, materials, colors and coatings, metal roofs can be made to look like common roofs such as asphalt shingle or cedar shake.

  • Long-term beauty
  • Resists winds up to 160 mph
  • Protects and insulates your home
  • Custom sheet metal & copper
  • Premium
  • Standard colors
  • Cool colors
  • Metallic
  • Energy Star

If you are looking for metal roofing for your home then please call 508-428-1177 or complete our online request form.