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Barnstable MA roof inspections

Depending on the style you choose, cedar roofing is naturally beautiful and offers a rustic look that provides long-lasting practical benefits. An evergreen coniferous tree geographically specific to the Pacific Northwest of North America, products manufactured from Cedar are valued for their distinct appearance, aroma, great insulation value and its high natural resistance to decay.

Cedar roofing provides an attractive feature to your home’s exterior that aids in keeping cool in summer and warm in the winter. It’s important to know a Cedar roof is only as good as the contractor installing it. At Paul J. Cazeault & Sons, we proudly serve customers with services that exceed expectations and industry standards.

Benefits of Cedar Roofing

Authentic Appearance
Commonly an important criteria a roofing material has to meet to satisfy the standards of homeowners, cedar roofing can be very aesthetically pleasing especially when paired with the perfect combination of siding materials and paints.

Immense Insulation
Cedar wood is well known as a natural insulator, which keeps indoor temperatures comfortable no matter the situation outside. This means homeowners can significantly cut back on energy costs with a high quality cedar roof.

Lasting Longevity
Depending on how it’s maintained, a high quality cedar roof will last between 30 to 40 years. This makes it a very smart and worthy investment for homeowners seeking a material that can keep up.

Sustainable Strength
Among the different varieties of wood, cedar proves to be one of the strongest. This makes it an ideal material to use on roofs to withstand significant trauma, damage, and exposure to the nature's elements.

With all the different roofing options available to homeowners today, choosing what you want and need can sometimes be a difficult decision. This is where the experts at Paul J. Cazeault & Sons can help. We provide roofing solutions with only the best and highest level of protection. Contact us today for your free professional consultation!

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