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Tips On Getting Emergency Roof Repairs After Storm Damage

Emergency roof repairs

The more you know what to expect after your roof is blown off by a storm, the better off you will be. Storm damage is a time when all your neighbors will be trying to get roof repairs as quickly as possible. This local demand for roof repairs could mean that you aren't able to find immediate help.

You can stay ahead of the competition for roof repairs in your area by reading the following tips from our experts at Cazeault Roofing & Solar. Knowing what to expect in any given situation can make it much less stressful when you do need emergency roof repairs.

Read Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy About Roof Repairs

Be informed about what to expect from your insurance company before you ever need roof repairs.

Waiting until you actually need emergency roof repairs is not an option if you want to make the storm recovery process as pain-free as possible. Be sure to read all the fine print and consider calling them to ask about the claims procedure.

Hunt For A Roofer Now & Make Sure They Help With Insurance

Many local roofers who offer roof repairs after storm damage will help to guide you through the insurance process. Since we do too, we know that this can help a homeowner significantly when they have an emergency situation to contend with.

Ask the roofer how involved they can get. For instance:

  • Will they meet with the insurance adjuster when they come to inspect the storm damage?
  • Can they help with a roof inspection that is necessary for your sake?
  • What other exterior repairs can they help you with?

Be Prepared For What May Happen After Storm Damage

Storm damage can send you looking for temporary shelter. It can, unfortunately, mean that you need your entire roof replaced if a tree or other object caved the roof in.

Many families suffer during this time, so it's always good to be prepared with a good plan.

Just as you would want to get the family prepared for a house fire, make plans on what your family would do if your roof is storm damaged to the point that it's necessary to leave the house.

We suggest:

  • Storing your insurance company's phone number and the number of a roof repairs contractor where it's easy to access.
  • Find out where your family could stay temporarily during the roof repairs and other exterior restorations. If necessary, store the phone number and addresses of local shelters.
  • Keep suitcases packed with extra clothes, flashlights, an emergency radio, food, and other emergency supplies.
  • Plan for emergency power needs. Even if your roof is not one that is damaged, the power could go out in your area.

If you are looking for help with Emergency Roof Repairs After Storm Damage in the Cape Cod, MA area, please call 508-428-1177 or complete our online request form.