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FAQ & Answers About Solar Panels For Your Home

FAQ about solar panels

Solar panels may be all the rage, but few know very much about them. Are they really worth it? Don't they break easily? How do you keep them clean?

Cazeault Roofing & Solar is a local Cape Cod roofing contractor and solar panel specialist who can help. Our residential clients usually ask the same type of questions, so we thought everyone would enjoy this brief FAQ about solar panels.

What is the tax credit I've heard about for installing solar panels on my home?

You can take a residential energy efficient property credit to help offset the cost of solar panel installation. The IRS calls this an energy credit and is otherwise known as the investment tax credit (ITC). The credit is equal to 30% of the total cost of solar energy system installation.

How much do solar panels cost?

This depends on the solar power system you install. In general, the total cost to install solar panels averages between $1.00 and $3.57 per watt, but that figure varies between product, installation contractors, roof types, location, and other factors.

Is it worth it to install solar panels? Do they really make a big enough difference?

Not only do solar panels make a significant difference for our environment, they make a big difference in energy savings. Again, how much you save will depend on what type of system is installed, the number of direct sunlight hours on your roof, the angle of your roof, and local electricity rates.

You really need to get an estimate from a solar panel specialist like us before you figure out your savings. When thinking about solar panels and whether or not they are worth it, remember that the major cost is upfront but you get years of free energy from it.

Choose to install a powerful solar panel system and the electric company will be paying you for years to come instead.

What are solar shingles and are solar panels different?

Solar shingles are actually solar panels, but they look more like wider roof shingles. They are different from standard solar panels in that they aren't as noticeable because of the low-profile. The fit nicely on the roof in sections that look like a part of your roof.

I'm worried about how fragile solar panels are and how to clean them, should I be?

Quality solar panels are stronger, able to withstand a pretty heaving beating from hail and high winds. They are guaranteed to resist golf-ball sized hail, but be sure you check the warranty information before installing them.

Cleaning solar panels is easy, use a garden hose or just ask a professional for help. If a little scrubbing is in order, there are soft brushes made just for cleaning solar panels.

If you are looking for a Solar Panels specialist in the Cape Cod, MA area, please call 508-428-1177 or complete our online request form.