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Carpentry & Rot Repair in Cape Cod

Barnstable MA carpentry

Cazeault Roofing & Solar is the local leading service provider for roofing contractor services – and more. In fact, among the services we offer is carpentry and rot repair.

Since 1927, we've been the roofing company locals turn to. In fact, we're the number one roofing family, not just company, in the area; providing superior service and results is our top priority.

Carpentry and rot repair is serious business but rest assured we'll provide you with the prompt and professional results you deserve. The work that goes into your home should help beautify, improve, and make this space safe

Why You Need Carpentry & Rot Repairs

It's no secret or surprise that rot is a problem and you can end up in need of serious replacement work. Carpentry repairs are just as big a concern.

Some of the work we do includes things like:

  • Siding Repair
  • Molding Repairs
  • Railing Restoration

Rotten Trim Board Replacement

Any time you have rotting wood, it needs to be replaced and as soon as possible. Rest assured we'll address this job in a prompt and professional manner, preventing further damage.

Having wood as an element of your home offers an unsurpassed beauty and enhances the value. However, it does require upkeep and this include replacing rotten trim boards, which is where we come into the picture.

We do more than just professional roof repairs; we provide service for rotten trim boards. Getting to the root of the problem is the real concern and we've got you covered.

Contact us now for the finest in Cape Cod roofing contractor service work.

If you are looking for a carpenter for your Cape Cod area home then please call 508-428-1177 or complete our online request form.